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social responsibility
Longding Aluminum's development is inseparable from the strong support of governments at all levels and all sectors of the society. Adhering to the concept of "taking from the society and giving back to the society" and guided by the corporate mission, Longding Aluminum established the charity goal of "leading the development of the industry, revitalizing the local economy and rewarding the public society" for the purpose of establishing a harmonious society and a harmonious enterprise. Combining the development strategy of the enterprise and the characteristics of the industry, Longding Aluminum has carried out a number of activities such as "Hanmen Jiaozi", "Sending Warth to Internal Poor Employees ", "Social Labor", "Social Donations" ,etc. to repay the government and the society for their great supports.

Longding Aluminum enthusiastically supports public welfare undertakings, always adheres to the business philosophy of "taking from the society and giving back to the society", actively undertakes social public responsibility and strives to create a "three-win" situation for the country, enterprises and employees. In recent years, Longding Aluminum has invested about 9.6 million yuan to support social public welfare undertakings,  which brings the company full praise from all sectors of the society.