Long Ding aluminum coating packaging, blank large volumes of small material packaging and aluminum foil packing, a total of three workshops, 2000 tons of packaging, can meet the biggest one-day designed with vertical wooden splints, horizontal wooden, wooden pyramid type, double wooden cases, all fork wooden boxes, hanging wooden cases, collet type wooden boxes and so on all kinds of packaging mode, more customized like iron box, carton and other special packaging, all-round to meet the domestic and export all kinds of packaging requirements.Long Ding aluminum packaging design not only balancing transport requirement, more perfect solved the quality stability in transit, all of our packing has the internal and the external packing of two parts, internal packaging rely on plastic diaphragm, antioxidant package, such as foam plate design from direct contact with the outside air, maritime transport, especially to avoid the long rainy day transportation and save the oxidation problem of products, cut off from external solid sealed packaging further transportation collision, damage moisture intrusion and other products.The packaging design of Longding aluminum is only to present the most perfect longding products to our global customers.