Longding Aluminum ranked 62nd among the top 100 enterprises in Henan Province

On November 21, Longding aluminum ranked 62nd on the top 100 Henan Enterprises List 2019 released by Henan Entrepreneurs Federation.

According to the introduction, the list is in accordance with the international practice, 2018 business income as the criteria for entry, after expert review and release. This time Longding aluminum with 4815.95 million yuan of revenue successfully entered the top 100.

Han Chengyi, longding's general manager, said the company will continue to work hard and make efforts. How you do it matters, but what you do matters more. At present, Longding Aluminum has made in-depth research and analysis of the product structure and sales customers in 2020, and determined the specific content, with profit as the center, and make a good plan for the work in 2020.