Longding Aluminum was awarded the third China aluminum foil Top 10 enterprises

On June 19, At the opening ceremony of the 2019 China Aluminum Processing Industry Annual Conference and China (Zouping) Aluminum Processing Industry Development Summit Forum, Han Chengyi, general manager of Longding Aluminum co., Ltd. accepted the award as one of the third 2018 China aluminum Foil Top 10 enterprises.

During the meeting, Longding aluminum fully publicized new product research and development, brand construction, cost control, product structure, market development and other aspects of the situation, to further enhance the visibility of the enterprise in the industry.Aluminum processing enterprises from all over the country, local governments, universities, research institutes, aluminum processing industry park, auxiliary equipment and supporting units on behalf of a total of more than 700 people gathered in zouping, around the theme "aluminum a breakthrough, create the future", to discuss the way of the sustainable development of the aluminum processing industry, is committed to the core key technology to master in his own hand, efforts and research MiaoTouXing problem to deal in innovation drive, expand the application of intelligent manufacturing, authors, increase efficiency, risk prevention and control, etc, effectively cope with various challenges, and defuse the risks. (zhang jie)
Longding Aluminum Union won the honorary title of "National Model worker's home"
Recently, from the All-China Federation of Trade Unions came good news, longding aluminum trade Union committee won the "national model worker's home" honorary title. On May 30, Meng Yanbo, chairman of the Trade Union of The Group, congratulated longding Aluminum Trade Union on behalf of the trade union of the Group, and issued the certificate of honor and the plate for Longding aluminum trade Union."
Honor belongs not only to you, but also to the group." Meng Yanbo thanked Longding aluminum for adding luster to the group at the same time, the work of longding aluminum union to give a high evaluation and full affirmation. He said that in the past work, Longding Trade Union actively carried out distinctive and diversified publicity and education activities centering on the main line of caring for workers and serving production, and achieved good results in the labor competition, skill competition and cultural and sports activities organized by the group. The workers are enthusiastic in work and have a strong sense of collective honor. I hope Longding Trade Union will cherish the honor, take the honor as spur, as incentive, as power, and make every work of the trade union more detailed, more perfect, more priority, so as to make further progress and promote the faster and better development of the enterprise.

Han Chengyi, general manager of Longding Aluminum, said the award is a comprehensive review and recognition of the work of the trade union of the higher level. Longding Trade Union will take this opportunity, under the correct leadership of the group, effectively play a greater role in service production, education and training, labor competition, worker assistance, worker activities and other aspects, and actively build a "mother family" and "loyal" of workers.

It is reported that the "National Model worker's home" is the national trade union system to commend the advanced collective highest honor, is the country to the grassroots trade union comprehensive work highest commendation award.
Group Finance minister Jin Pu, Deputy director of the office Dai Zhigang, longding Aluminum middle-level and above personnel to attend the awarding ceremony. (Dong Liang Hu)