Longding Aluminum's Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Project Advance Steadily

Recently, Longding Aluminum's distributed photovoltaic power generation project has advanced steadily. The project plans to install 4,770 photovoltaic modules in the parking area, with a total installed capacity of 2.62MW and an annual power generation of approximately 4.7 million kWh, saving about 500,000 yuan in electricity costs per year.

Currently, the construction of the outer parking area foundation pit has been completed, and the foundation steel bars are being tied. 85% of the photovoltaic support piers in the open area have been constructed; 40% of the photovoltaic brackets have been assembled. All aspects of the work are orderly conducting. The project leader stated that they will make full efforts to promote the project construction while ensuring construction safety and quality, they will accelerate the construction progress to ensure early production and effectiveness.