Yidian Group's 8th Charity Scholarship Program Donates 3.38 Million Yuan to Support 812 Studentse.

On August 30th, Vidian Group held its 8th Charity Scholarship Donation Ceremony, donating 3.38 milion yuan inscholarships to support 812 outstanding high school graduates.
The event was attended by Yang Binaxu, former Chairman of the Luoyang Municipal Committee of the ChinesePeople's Political Consultative Conference and Deputy Leader of the Special Team for Promoting High-QualityDevelopment of Charity Work; Tong Yupeng, Vice Chairman of the Luoyang Municipal Committee of the ChinesePeople's Political Consultative Conference and Secretary of the Yichuan County Commitee; and Huo Bin, Chairman ofYidian Group,and among others.
In his speech, Yang Binaxu emphasized that enterprises are not only the main force in economic and sociadevelopment, but also a significant driving force for charitable activities. Yidian Group is an outstanding representativeof many compassionate companies. He hoped that Yidian Group would continue to lead with innovation, seize industryopportunities,achieve high-quality development, take on more social responsibilities, provide more employmentopportunities, and serve as a model to inspire more compassionate companies to participate in charitable activities inLuoyang, spreading love and genuine care to collectively create a better era.
Tong wupeng, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the 930,000 people in the county for Yidian Group's continuouscommitment to social responsibility and active engagement in public welfare and charity. The company has beenconducting charity scholarship activities for eight consecutive years and has donated more than 26 milion yuan inscholarships to over 4.300 students who have been admitted to hiaher education institutions.
Huo Bin, in his address, emphasized the nobility of charity and stated that Yidian Group would continue to focus onbusiness development while establishing a charitable platform and creating a charity brand. The company aims tomobilize more social forces to participate in acts of kindness and jointly contribute to regional economic developmentsocial progressand the improvement of people's livelihood.